Milestones – Thoughts on 4 years Post-admission as a Lawyer

by | Jul 16, 2021

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I have just hit 4 years post admission as a solicitor and my law firm is now 2 years old.

I now work full time in my own business, doing work I enjoy, with autonomy, flexibility, a good income and I get to help people using my skills and experience. I am very proud of that.

But that is just the visible part – the long and winding road that it has taken to get me to this point has included:

  • Years of dissatisfaction with my career and (over) thinking and planning.
  • Taking the big leap and changing careers, leaving a comfortable job in the public service after 13 years.
  • Going back to university to do my Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and volunteering for 6 months to get admitted as a solicitor (I did my law degree before starting work in the government).
  • 18 months working on my business at nights and on weekends while working a full time (and then later part time) job.
  • Taking the final big risk to go full time in my own business.

And don’t forget the years of anxiety and self doubt and sheer grinding along the way (that part continues haha).

I believe that it is possible to make big, fundamental changes in

your life. But it doesn’t happen overnight or in a revolutionary way. It happens by having a desire for something different, and then chipping away towards that goal over a long period of time. #thatwasabig5years #foreveranoverthinker #anxietypromptedthispost #gatheringsteam #chipaway


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