A Moment of Celebration

by | Mar 9, 2022

Victoria smiling and celebrating her success and her wins

I am a big believer in celebrating your wins, so in that vein, today I am celebrating completing final marking on my first ever university course as a lecturer – Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Law at the University of Southern Queensland.

Teaching law at the university level has been a goal for about 3 years, so I am very proud!

I have been caught a bit off guard by how much I love teaching since I started doing it regularly.
It was never something I had thought of doing.

But teaching and education, particularly in migration and citizenship law, and how they intersect with disability and human rights is now an incredible passion for me. It has brought a lot more meaning and motivation to what I do, and I strongly feel it is one of the key ways I can contribute to the community.

So today I am celebrating that.


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